45-minute Webcast

Technology in Hong Kong Classrooms

Monica will share her top 10's, as used by tech-rich schools in Hong Kong

Of the 1,100+ schools in Hong Kong; several have a reputation as tech-rich. They are seen as the developers of technologies that support teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in schools across Asia. She will share top 10's as used at several of these tech-rich schools. These include apps, tools and services.  

Duration 30 Mins plus 10 Mins Q and A 


Monica Morscheck, Workshop leader, presenter and speed geeker.

She is Library & Information Resource Centre (LIRC) Coordinator and Teacher Librarian Renaissance College, Hong Kong

Martin Kelly is Turnitin's Marketing Manager for the Asia Pacific region.
His focus is on working to build resources for educators. He will be moderating this webinar.

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