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Plagiarism and the Web: Revisited

In the Spring of 2011, Turnitin released its first study examining the web sources that students rely on for unoriginal content in their written work. The report maintained that the incorrect use of digital content hampers the ability of students to develop 21st century writing skills and outlined action steps for both educators and parents.

Turnitin has taken that original research to the next level, examining the differences in online sources used by high school students vs. college students. This study is the first comprehensive look at how these two age groups utilize the Internet for content differently and why these distinctions exist.

In this lively 30-minute discussion, we reveal the latest findings about unoriginal content found by Turnitin, discuss how secondary and college students differ, and offer real-world tips for educators on preventing plagiarism in the classroom. 


Renee Bangerter has been a composition instructor for 15 years and is instrumental in training faculty in the practical uses of technology, including implementing Turnitin. Renee currently teaches English at Saddleback College in California.

Dave Keller has been using writing as a central component of his high school history and social studies classes for over 15 years. He first began using Turnitin in 1999 and is an advocate for using technology across the curriculum.

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