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HE Common Core

Collaborations among secondary education and higher education can help bridge the gap of standards and expectations. Using the Common Core standards, educators of all levels can better understand the expectations for students leaving high school and entering college. 

This webcast discusses how analyzing Turnitin rubrics data can help these collaborative groups come closer together in identifying student expectations.


Dr. Shelly Valdez, director of educational collaboration for IEBC, works on initiatives that emphasize cross-discipline, cross-segment and cross-sector collaboration. Dr. Valdez has a long and multi-faceted background that includes teaching communication and leadership, and consulting with high schools, college and universities on student success and student learning outcomes. In addition to her other responsibilities with IEBC, Dr. Valdez oversees IEBC’s work for the California Partnership for Achieving Student Success (Cal-PASS).

Renee Bangerter is a Professor of English at Saddleback College and has been teaching writing for 15 years. She collaborates with K-12 teachers developing curriculum to bridge the gap between high school and college in reading, writing and grammar. Renee creates the professional development webinars for Turnitin, emphasizing how instructors can innovatively teach students about plagiarism.

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