Student Online Research and Critical Thinking: Wikipedia in Education

Plagiarism Education Week 2014

For a majority of students, consulting Wikipedia is synonymous with doing academic-related research. What this means for educators is having to contend with this use--whether that means working with students to help them understand how to do research online or how to think critically about the sources that they find. At the minimum, the challenge that Wikipedia frames is students' propensity to cut-and-paste and copy online content, particularly Wikipedia content. Rather than look at the challenge that Wikipedia presents, this address will explore how Wikipedia can be integrated into university courses as a touchpoint--not only for thinking about research, digital literacy, and critical thinking, but also about the reliability of information.

During this session, you'll gain insight into the site's founding pillars and core policies, its importance to the free knowledge movement, as well as its internal debates and challenges, particularly when used in an educational setting. Simply put, if students are using Wikipedia already, educators need to know how it works, and how to usefully work with it.

Watch the 45-minute webcast: