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Grading the Top 100 Student Sources

Based on a recent Turnitin analysis, nearly 50% of student sources come from sites with content of questionable educational value. What are these sites and how do they rate in terms of appropriateness, quality of content, and value?

In this webcast we explore the top 100 student sources that secondary and higher education student use, including the top questionable and creditable sites. We also provide suggestions on how to better guide students in conducting appropriate research online.


Thom McHugh

Thom McHugh, Ph.D., has been teaching English for over 22 years and using Turnitin for 6 years. Thom uses Turnitin for nearly every assignment in the classes he teaches and encourages faculty in all departments to do the same. He is currently the English Content Area Liaison at Century High School.

Shannon Farris

Dr. Shannon Farris has been teaching psychology courses online and face-to-face for the past 9 years. Dr. Farris currently teaches psychology at Saint Leo University in Florida and is the presenter for "eCOACH Online Learning," which includes implementing Turnitin.

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