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Engaging Students in Diverse Classrooms

Most urban community colleges—especially those with open-access policies—serve socially, culturally, and linguistically diverse student populations. Students at these schools often bring other significant challenges into the classroom: financial, psychological, physical and legal issues. By using the ACE (Academy for College Excellence) curriculum designed by Diego Navarro from Cabrillo College, we are able to engage with and equip these students to succeed in the technology-driven, 21st century economy. 

This webcast presents a highly collaborative enterprise that teaches teamwork, personal responsibility, individual self-exploration, self-improvement, and persistence. The result is a transformational learning experience unlike what is currently available at most colleges. 


Stephanie Sanders-Badt is the coordinator of the Public and Human Services program and adjunct professor at Berkeley City College, in Berkeley, CA. She teaches health and wellness education, medical terminology and a variety of the human services classes. Stephanie has taught for over three decades and continues to believe in student-centered learning and engagement.  She’s completed the Faculty Experiential Leadership Institute program, a transformative learning experience for community college educators focused on effective communication and leadership curriculum—and where participants often experience significant renewal and inspiration.

Jason Chu is the Senior Education Manager at Turnitin. His focus is on working to build resources for educators, and his personal passion is to find better ways to enhance student achievement.  He will be moderating this webinar.

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