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How to Keep Your Job, Not Lose Your Reputation, Avoid Getting Sued, and Not Kill People

A Plagiarism Education Week Webcast

People enter graduate school for a few reasons: preparing to go into academia, preparing for specific types of employment, or advancing in their extant careers (or sometimes changing careers). It’s a given, by the time a student reaches graduate school, that they both know what plagiarism is and would never dare to commit it. Unfortunately, neither is true. Worse, it’s sometimes compounded by professors or mentors who are incompletely schooled in plagiarism themselves, or who don’t consider it to be serious unless it’s a major infraction. Plagiarism is, however, a significant conduct issue in graduate and postdoctoral work. A “plagiarism habit,” even if “only minor” or “unintentional” (due to lack of training or just accident) can, in the real, post academic world, lose you your reputation, get you fired, get you sued (or your company sued), and maybe even result in danger or unfairness to others. Plagiarism isn’t a personal thing; it has ramifications and consequences. Academic and post academic writing requires a solid grounding in ethics.

This session explores how plagiarism can have serious consequences in the real, post academic world.

"This session reviews the tough consequences and the effects of plagiarism. I am anxious to share this information with my students." - Catherine White, Everest University Online and LCTCS Online Colleges


Kelleen Flaherty is an assistant professor in the graduate biomedical writing program at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. She has written textbooks, federal submissions, journal articles, continuing education activities, promotional education materials, scripts, and other medical communication materials.

Kristin Brabec is the Education Manager for Turnitin. She focuses on Turnitin's training and professional development offerings, helping schools and institutions better use Turnitin to improve student learning outcomes. As a former teacher and educational technology specialist, Kristin is passionate about improving education through technology.

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