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Organic Feedback: Growing through Consistent Adjustments

So often, feedback is thought of as an assessment done at the end of the program/course with feedback usually on a fixed 1-5 point scale. This kind of feedback leads to stagnant performance and a less exciting teaching/learning experience. Learning---like teaching---is active. Therefore, assessment and feedback should be the same. 

This session explores ways to integrate assessment into one's lesson plan in order to grow as an educator and to be a more dynamic instructor. Learn how to utilize feedback effectively and develop skills to make learning a more effective and enjoyable experience.


Stephanie Lewin-Hardy

Stephanie Lewin-Hardy works as an Adjunct Professor with the Psychology Department at Kean University and is also a Professional Development Specialist with The Council for Professional Recognition. Additionally, Stephanie writes, teaches, and consults for Salew People Solutions which offers a variety of Early Care and Education services as well as therapeutic programs to individuals and staff members.

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