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Plagiarism Spectrum—Insights into the 10 Types of Unoriginal Work

In this Turnitin Academy Live session, we will examine a report published by Turnitin intended to move plagiarism beyond the black-and-white definition of “literary theft” to one that captures the nuances of how plagiarism can take shape in student writing. Topics include how to interpret results from Turnitin's Originality Report.

There is no cost to participate in this on-demand session, simply complete the registration form to the right to register for this online class.


Renee Bangerter has been a composition instructor for 15 years and is instrumental in training faculty in the practical uses of technology, including implementing Turnitin. She developed the curriculum for these Turnitin Academy Live webinars.

Jason Chu is the Education Director for Turnitin. He works to build resources for educators and together with Ray Huang and Renee Bangerter, wrote the Plagiarism Spectrum study.

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