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Understanding Plagiarism with Help from Dr. Seuss

A Plagiarism Education Week Webcast

The problem of pupils plagiarizing papers plagues professors pervasively. While students express comprehension, their product is often transgression. We use Seuss to show what writers must know to lessen their teachers' depression.

In our prevention project, we use a passage from Seuss's "Green Eggs and Ham" (Geisel, 1960) to illustrate plagiarism and paraphrasing in an effort to convey how best to avoid gross and subtle violations, including how and why minor manipulation of sentence structure is not adequate paraphrasing. Pleasantly, the percentage of plagiarizing pupils plummeted.

Join us for this 45-minute webcast with psychology instructor Stephen Fox, who will explore how to reduce student plagiarism through Dr. Seuss.

"Dr. Fox cleverly incorporates well known and much-loved text in a discussion of what constitutes plagiarism, making the concepts easy to understand and relatable.  I will immediately share the lesson slides with my high school freshmen as they begin working on their first research papers!" - Valeria White, Clayton Ridge High School


Stephen Fox is a psychology instructor at the University of Hawaii, Maui College. He earned his Ph.D. in Cultural Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

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