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Study Results: The Effectiveness of Turnitin in Higher Education

Now more than ever, technology offers students the opportunity to readily search, copy and paste information into their academic work without proper citation or attribution. And, instructors are increasingly leveraging the benefits of digital grading to discover unoriginal work and provide quality feedback.

Turnitin recently analyzed more than 55 million student papers from 1003 higher education institutions in the United States to understand the change in levels of unoriginal content in student papers and the impact of digital grading over time.

In this webcast, we delve into the study, "Turnitin Effectiveness in U.S. Colleges and Universities," the most comprehensive study on unoriginal student writing and digital grading in higher education to date.


[Paper] The Effectiveness of Turnitin in Higher Education


Chris Harrick compiled and analyzed the data from the Turnitin database that is the basis for this webcast. As the VP of Marketing at Turnitin, he works closely with the product development, sales and customer support teams.

Ray Huang, a Senior Customer Programs Manager at Turnitin who is focused on developing programs to ensure customer success.

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