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Grade Anything: Evaluate any type of assignment, in any subject

Traditionally, English instructors have used Turnitin to evaluate papers and essays for plagiarism, grammar/mechanics and other writing skills. Now, with Grade Anything, Turnitin has opened up the door for instructors in other disciplines to provide feedback and evaluate other assignment types--not just papers. Coupled with the movement toward using technology in the classrooms, Turnitin is quickly becoming the grading platform of choice for many schools where instructors can now use any one of Turnitin's rich feedback tools to evaluate student learning.

Join our panelists, Rebecca Hewett and Marc Helgeson, in discussing how they've been using Turnitin to evaluate PowerPoint® presentations, visual images, plays and other performances.


Rebecca Hewett has been a faculty member at California State University, Bakersfield for the last 15 years, teaching all levels of composition courses in the English Department. She has also taught several linked courses, linking upper-division writing courses with programs campus-wide--for example, writing for business administration, writing for social work, etc. Her professional interests include experimenting with technology in the classroom, piloting new curriculum, and incorporating service learning.

Marc Helgeson has been an English/Language Arts teacher at Rich Central High School in Olympia Fields, Illinois, since 2005. He currently works with the school's AP Language and Composition and sophomore honors humanities programs, and also serves as the advisor for the student newspaper, The Torch.

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