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Hyperlinking QuickMarks®: Extending the Reach of Instruction

How do you engage students in the writing process? How do you balance out the time needed to properly evaluate student work with the amount of feedback that is often necessary to improve the writing abilities of first-year students? And, how can we, as educators, extend the reach of instruction to help struggling students given increasing class sizes and time constraints?

Join us for an instructional hands-on session with Alan Reid, an Assistant Professor of First-Year Writing at Coastal Carolina University, as he shares:

  • How to extend the reach of instruction by adding a rich layer of multimedia feedback with hyperlinked Turnitin QuickMarks®
  • How Turnitin enables him to streamline the grading process while providing targeted, in-depth feedback for students
  • Different strategies and QuickMark® Comments for bridging the evaluative hurdles that come with teaching students.


Alan Reid is an Assistant Professor of First-Year Writing & Instructional Technologies at Coastal Carolina University. He also teaches Instructional Design courses in the ID&T doctoral program at Old Dominion University and serves as Assessment and Evaluation Analyst for Johns Hopkins University. He earned his Ph.D. in Instructional Design & Technology.

Kenneth Balibalos is a Marketing Associate at Turnitin. He is developing the Turnitin Educator Network to connect educators to each other and support them at their institution. He regularly chats with educators and works alongside them to develop instructional resources. He also posts on social media and supports other customer programs. He will be moderating this webcast.

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