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Decisions on Deadline: A 21st Century Gaming Approach to Teach Plagiarism and Ethics

3rd Annual Plagiarism Education Week

Do you find it difficult to engage 21st century students in thoughtful discussions about plagiarism, ethics, and the value of original work? Students may often feel that these discussion are too abstract and divorced from the real world

Join Samantha Grant and Brittney Shepherd, the award-winning filmmakers of A Fragile Trust and creators of Decisions on Deadline, as they share a game that combines journalism, ethics, and student choices. Find out how this game and a free lesson plan developed by its creators can better equip your students to process ethical decisions they may encounter in their professional lives.


Samantha Grant is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, journalist, and educator. Through her San Francisco based production company GUSH productions, Samantha has produced content for PBS, ABC, MTV, CNN, NPR, FRONTLINE, PRI, FRONTLINE/World, Al Jazeera International, and Current TV, as well as several national corporate clients like Pandora, AT&T, and Electronic Arts.

Brittney Shepherd is a newly Texas-based independent mediamaker and transmedia producer. Her films have screened at festivals around the world, and she has also produced numerous hours of quality programing for public and cable television for outlets such as the Smithsonian Channel, CNBC, and PBS's award-winning series INDEPENDENT LENS. Brittney co-produced A FRAGILE TRUST, about the Jayson Blair plagiarism scandal at The New York Times. She is the co-creator of the ITVS-funded alternate reality news game, DECISIONS ON DEADLINE, which teaches journalism ethics through an interactive and entertaining experience.

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