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A Student-Centered Culture: Promoting Integrity One Conversation at a Time

3rd Annual Plagiarism Education Week

In matters relating to academic integrity, Michael Goodwin creates a student-centered culture at his institution to better improve student engagement and cooperation with the process. Through an emphasis on proactive outreach, multi-partial advocates in disciplinary conferences, and by building student-centered academic integrity hearings, students become better equipped to take responsibility for their actions.

Learn about the benefits, the implementation process, and the key takeaways of having a student-centered culture at your institution in this session. It’s by creating this dialogue that Goodwin builds classroom and campus-wide buy-in to foster a much needed student-centered culture that benefits both students and educators.


Michael A. Goodwin is the Academic Integrity Coordinator at Kennesaw State University and has worked in that institution's Student Conduct and Academic Integrity department since 1999. He is responsible for investigating all cases of academic misconduct, facilitating disciplinary conferences for first offense cases, and leading campus outreach efforts to promote integrity. Mr. Goodwin regularly presents best practices lectures for the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) and also directs the ICAI Southeast Consortium. In 2015, ICAI awarded him the Walvogel Exemplar of Integrity award for his leadership and recognized Kennesaw State University with the Campus of Integrity Award as a result of his efforts.

Kenneth Balibalos is currently a Marketing Manager for Turnitin. He is the administrator of the Turnitin Educator Network, a program to connect educators to each other and support them at their institution. He regularly communicates with Turnitin customers, works alongside educators to develop instructional resources, posts on social media, and manages other customer programs. He will be moderating this webcast.

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