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"I Plagiarized My Child's Birth": From Extreme Plagiarism to Contextualized Understanding

A Plagiarism Education Week Webcast

When a student plagiarized a narrative of the birth of her son, English professor Audrey Wick realized a disconnect: students aren't understanding the risk of non-original writing. Using the pedagogical concept of contextualization, Wick now aims to get her students to understand the larger message that plagiarism sends--and how it affects more than just them.

Join us for a discussion of how you and your institution can decrease plagiarism, increase student accountability, and improve critical thinking through contextualized examples.


Audrey Wick is a professor of English at Blinn College. She has authored college writing and teaching curriculum for Bedford/St. Martin's and Wadsworth/Cengage, including research training videos in Questia, the world's largest online library, and the TeamUP on-demand Faculty Professional Development Portal.

Ray Huang is the Senior Customer Programs Manager at Turnitin. His focus is on developing programs to ensure customer success. He regularly writes for the Turnitin blog and newsletters, organizes user events, leads social media outreach, and oversees training resources.

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