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The Sources in Student Writing

“The internet has changed the very meaning of ‘research’," according to a recently released Pew Research Center study.

In 2011 Turnitin brought critical attention to the types of internet sources that students predominantly use, specifically those that disseminate shared or unoriginal content. Join us for an engaging update of findings culled from the analysis of online sources drawn from over 30 million student papers. In addition to a review of the top sources and a breakdown of the differences between secondary and higher education, our panelists will discuss the implications of these findings for student research habits and share best practices for educators to help prevent plagiarism in the classroom.


Robert Wilson is Deputy Head of Elsa High School in Hong Kong.
He has over 15 years experience teaching in both America and Hong Kong.

Renee Bangerter

Renee Bangerter is a Professor of English at Saddleback College and has been teaching writing for 15 years. She collaborates with K-12 teachers developing curriculum to bridge the gap between high school and college in reading, writing and grammar. Renee creates the professional development webinars for Turnitin, emphasizing how instructors can innovatively teach students about plagiarism.

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