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Dial Up and Dialed In: Engaging the Digital Student

A Student Success Week 2014 Session

In the midst of the information overload that students face, teachers may stuggle to compete for students' attention. And, hand-written paper comments may no longer be enough to engage students. Creating effective feedback--in this new context--means trying different approaches, especially new technologies, to meet the needs of today's digitally-oriented students.

In this session, Kelley Brumbelow shares her strategies for engaging students through the lens of her experience teaching in an online-only classroom. Brumbelow will discuss how setting expectations in Adobe Connect, how providing interactive Jing videos to show feedback, and how standardized rubrics (that don't change throughout a student's educational experience) all serve to increase the effectiveness of feedback.


Kelley Brumbelow has been teaching at Georgia Virtual School in an online classroom setting since 2007. She is the English Department Coordinator for GAVS and currently taught American Literature and SAT Preparation. Kelley received her Masters Degree in Integrating Technology in the Classroom and completed a Specialist Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Kenneth Balibalos is a Marketing Associate for Turnitin. He manages the Turnitin Educator Network to connect educators to each other and support them at their institution. He regularly chats with educators and works alongside them to develop instructional resources, and also posts on social media and supports other customer programs.

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