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The Gamification of Learning: Producing Tighter, More Timely Feedback for Increased Student Success

A Student Success Week 2014 Session

Curious about how gamification can impact student motivation? Or engagement? What about gamification and assessment? What do we mean when we say "gamification" in the context of learning?

Zandree Stidham will share current research behind the gamification of learning, discuss the intersection of gaming and student engagement, and share strategies for deploying game-based approaches in the classroom.


Zandree Stidham, Ph. D. is an Assistant Professor of Communications and the Department Chair of Communications at the University of New Mexico, Los Alamos where she teaches heavily in developmental education. Her professional research focuses on equity and access in education, specifically among marginalized populations.

Kristin Brabec is the Education Manager for Turnitin. She focuses on Turnitin's training and professional development offerings, helping schools and institutions better use Turnitin to improve student learning outcomes. As a former teacher and educational technology specialist, Kristin is passionate about improving education through technology.

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