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Let’s Chat: Student-Faculty Conferences as a Tool in the Multicultural Composition Classroom

A Student Success Week 2014 Session

Ever feel like the international students in your classroom are not receiving the type of feedback they need to become better writers? Teaching writing to college freshmen in Los Angeles, we encounter a large population of foreign students.

Though emailing feedback to international students and writing in the margins of their papers can be useful tools, most drastic improvement these students make in their writing comes after meeting one-on-one. Relying on their personal experience as writing instructors as well as thorough research, Jessica Kehinde Ngo and Julie Taiwo Oni will examine the issue (better writing feedback needed for international students) as well as the solution (one-on-one student-faculty conferences).


Jessica Kehinde Ngo and Julie Taiwo Oni are writers, educators, and identical twins based out of Los Angeles, California. Both have extensive interest in and experience with international students in multicultural classrooms. Julie, a professional playwright, teaches at the New York Film Academy; and Jessica, a memoirist, teaches at Otis College of Art and Design. Both have Bachelor degrees in writing from Pepperdine University and Master degrees in writing from the University of Southern California.

Kristin Brabec is the Education Manager for Turnitin. She focuses on Turnitin's training and professional development offerings, helping schools and institutions better use Turnitin to improve student learning outcomes. As a former teacher and educational technology specialist, Kristin is passionate about improving education through technology.

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