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Crowdsourcing in the Classroom to Enhance Reading, Writing, and Presenting

Student Success Week 2015 | Exploring the Intersection of Writing with Technology

Writing is no longer necessarily an individual activity: the digital age now allows for the possibility of crowdsourcing. It’s a powerful mode of interaction that calls for us to explore how we can use it in the classroom, to engage students and to enhance instruction.

Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky, Director of Educational Technology at the Frisch School, will introduce us to several models for how to do this and will discuss how collaborative tools like Google Docs and social networking sites can be used by students to crowdsource writing projects. This session is not for the passive audience: participants will practice real-time blogging and crowdsourcing!

Audience:  Educators, Administrators and Students


Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky is the Director of Educational Technology at Frisch, where he works with the faculty and students to integrate technology into every aspect of teaching and learning. He is also a professor for MOFET’s International Online Academy and a Smart Board Certified Teacher Trainer. He is an active blogger on topics related to the intersection of technology and education.

Jason Chu is Education Director for Turnitin. His focus is on working to build resources for educators, and his personal passion is to find better ways to enhance student achievement.  He will be moderating this webcast.

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