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Writing and the Visual: Graphically Organizing Your Writing

Student Success Week 2015 | Exploring the Intersection of Writing with Technology

What if students could see how their writing is organized using graphics? In this session, Thomas DeVere Wolsey will discuss cutting-edge research on how visual organizers enhance writing and writing instruction. When students can see what their writing might look like, graphically organized, they are more likely to write well, to be motivated to compose their thoughts, and to discover new approaches to writing.

Join us for this session with Dr. Wolsey who will demonstrate (with examples) how to use technology to create incredible, flexible graphic organizers that foster creative thinking.

Audience:  Educators

Where: Your Computer

When: Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Time: 10am San Francisco / 11am Denver / noon Chicago / 1pm New York (find your time zone)

Attendees of the live webcast will receive a certificate of participation. The webcast will be recorded and posted online within 24 hours.


Thomas DeVere Wolsey is the CEO of the Institute to Advance International Education. His articles on literacy and technology have appeared in The Journal of Education and many other publications. His recent books include Learning to Predict and Learning from Predictions: How Thinking about What Might Happen Next Helps Students Learn and Transforming Writing Instruction in the Digital Age: Techniques for Grades 5-12.

Sukhmen Nijjar is an Education Program Manager for Turnitin. Prior to joining Turnitin, Sukhmen developed a tool to help students trade textbooks online. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of California, Davis.


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