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Stylish Academic Writing: How to Reach More Readers While Still Looking Smart

Writing X Tech | The Writing Mindset

Professor Helen Sword, author of Stylish Academic Writing and The Writer’s Diet, debunks the myth that “serious” academic writing must be wooden, wordy, and dull. Come learn the latest tips for making your academic writing as stylish as it is substantive.


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Helen Sword, is Professor and Director of the Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education at the University of Auckland. A literary scholar, poet, and award-winning teacher, she has published five books, including Stylish Academic Writing (Harvard 2012) and The Writer’s Diet (Chicago 2016), and has run workshops on academic writing at more than sixty universities and conferences on five continents. See her website (www.helensword.com) for links to her books and articles, her digital poetry, and the Writer’s Diet, a free diagnostic tool for writers.

Sean Tupa is the Product Marketing Manager for Turnitin. Previously, he had worked in various capacities for the College Board, including the roles of Director of Research for the Digital Solutions department and as a Director with the Innovation & Concept Development team. In these positions he conducted research projects, focus groups and surveys with both students and educators to help identify challenges and solutions in the world of education. Sean received his Bachelors degree in Philosophy and History from Hiram College.

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