White Paper: Closing the Gap - What Students Say about Instructor Feedback

Educators are often focused on how well students are meeting expectations, whether for the course, the assignment, or towards meeting learning objectives. But what if the tables were turned? What if instead, the focus was on how instructors are meeting the expectations of students?

Turnitin recently conducted a survey of 1,000 students to gather insights into how instructor feedback impacts the development of student writing. Specifically, the survey addresses the areas and types of feedback students receive and prefer as well as the timeliness of that feedback.

This white paper highlights the recent findings on the gap between the feedback students would like to receive or would find the most helpful, versus what feedback they actually receive on their writing from instructors.

"Lack of detailed feedback, to include style and readability from teachers decreases the incentive, desire, and ability to improve and grow." - Holly A., Graduate Student, Maryland