White Paper: What's Wrong with Wikipedia? Evaluating the Sources Used by Students

Educators are well aware of the shortcomings of relying on crowd-sourced content for authoritative information, but the meaning of the message appears to be not taking hold for students. In short, what constitutes "research" for students today has come to mean "Googling."

To address this gap in student skills, Turnitin has worked with academic experts to develop The Source Educational Evaluation Rubric (SEER). Instructors and students who use SEER can quickly evaluate a website and arrive at a single score based on five criteria scaled to credibility.

This white paper highlights the recent findings regarding student research practices, presents SEER, and offers guidance on using the rubric to improve student research skills.

"SEER is a tool to open a discussion with students about evaluating sources and to stress the importance of using quality sources in academic writing. I think SEER is a brilliant idea that will help students become better writers."
- Danielle Harris, teacher Champlin Park High School and a SEER field tester


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