Give your students a head start with digital literacy skills

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Write Ahead
 invites forward-thinking UK schools and sixth forms to take part and equip their students with vital digital literacy and writing skills to help prepare them for their future in education and beyond.

What is Write Ahead?

It is your opportunity to join a pioneering network of schools and sixth forms looking to prove the benefits of teaching digital literacy skills at secondary level. It includes:

  • Turnitin Feedback Studio 12 month licence
    • Ideal for BTEC, EPQ and IB delivery
  • Access to a suite of exclusive teaching resources, including:
    • Lesson plan templates designed for digital literacy skills, with topics including how to source and reference correctly and the importance of self evaluation
    • QuickMark feedback comment sets
    • Teaching resources for your classroom, including digital literacy skills posters and guides
    • A series of webinars on the importance of digital literacy skills, hosted by SE & HE educators, HE students, and representatives from the private sector.

How can Write Ahead help you and your school?  

  • Drive higher levels of engagement with your students
  • Save up to 38% of marking time 
  • Meet regulatory and awarding body requirements
  • Help to deliver better KS4/KS5 outcomes

How can Write Ahead help your students?

  • Develop key digital literacy skills to help improve KS4/KS5 outcomes, including:
    • Digital creation - improve academic writing skills, e.g. spelling, grammar and style
    • Information literacy - learn how to source and reference correctly
    • Digital learning - develop independent learning and self-evaluation skills.
  • Skills preparation for FE, HE or the workplace

Write Ahead only has limited spaces for our 2017/18 programme.

To register your interest and find out more about being part of this year’s programme please fill in the form today or sign up for the next Introduction to Write Ahead webinar.



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