Instructor Feedback Writ Large: Student Perceptions on Effective Feedback

Insights into understanding reception of feedback from 2,000 students

In September 2014, Turnitin conducted an exploratory survey of over 2,000 students to examine students’ perceptions on instructor feedback. The survey’s primary purpose was to identify what students generally think about the feedback they receive. More specifically, the survey was interested in identifying the formats and types of feedback students consider to be the most effective, and in gaining insight into how often students receive the types of feedback they most desire. Alongside the student questionnaire, a parallel survey was conducted to over 100 educators to compare and contrast their perceptions on feedback with those of students.

This study identifies:

  • Student perceptions of effective feedback by format and type
  • Feedback types they actually receive
  • Forms of feedback that educators say is effective
  • Possible differences between student and educator perceptions

Included in this complimentary white paper are recommendations for promoting effective feedback and a call to an expanded study in order to better understand how students respond to that feedback.

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