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"The Good, The Excellent, The Wonderful": Positive Feedback Strategies to Enhance Student Engagement

How do you engage students in the writing process? How do you reach both struggling students who need more personalized and in-depth feedback while challenging students that excel to do better—in a limited amount of time? And, how can we, as educators, help students to do more with their writing and meet them with where they're at?

Join us for an instructional hands-on session with veteran educator Jennifer Haber as she shares different strategies and QuickMark Comments for bridging the evaluative hurdles that come with teaching students. Namely, Haber will address how Turnitin's online grading features have helped engage students, provide personalized and encouraging feedback for students, and has made grading papers easier.


Jennifer Haber has been part of a college/university setting most of her life--first as a student (BA in English from UF, MA in English from UCF, and a PhD from USF in Instructional Technology) and then as a professor. She has been teaching for over 15 years (with over 10 years experience teaching online as well).

Kenneth Balibalos is currently a Marketing Associate for Turnitin. He is developing the Turnitin Educator Network to connect educators to each other and support them at their institution. He regularly chats with educators and works alongside them to develop instructional resources. He also posts on social media and supports other customer programs. He will be moderating this webcast.

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