Turnitin Effectiveness: Plagiarism Prevention in U.S. High Schools

Research Study: U.S. High Schools

Turnitin analyzed more than 36 million student papers from 2,862 U.S. high schools to understand the change in levels of unoriginal content in student papers over time. Download this free paper to see the results.

Key findings:

  • High schools using Turnitin reduced unoriginal content in student writing by 33 percent over the course of the eight-year study.
  • Forty-three of the 50 states showed a reduction in unoriginal writing over the course of the study.
  • Twenty-one states exhibited an increase in levels of unoriginal writing during their second year of Turnitin usage as instructors and students grew familiar with the technology and its impact in the classroom.



[Webcast] Study Results: The Effectiveness of Turnitin in Higher Education

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